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our racist prince
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Re: our racist prince
Jan 16, 2009, 13:25
See there's this thing I wish would go away full stop.
It sort of begins at the playground and if parents could be even half arsed ending it there the world may be 'a better place'.
At a birthday party last summer my daughter (who was then 4) was trying to get on this bouncy castle thingie, and as her co-ordination is a bit wonky (not to any 'medical' level as such) she couldn't jump on it too well and all the kids shouted 'scaredy cat' and she burst into tears and NOT ONE parent thought to ask them to stop it.
She doesn't call anyone 'names' and all this pish about 'oh it's a cruel world' etc is so easily stopped.
We want to keep going this basic level of bullying as if the world can't operate any other way. Why?
If she gets picked on again, I won't say 'do it back' I'll let her know what idiot's they're being and that she's the one with the brains and only to speak to those nice kids out there and ignore the assholes, which seems to be working well for her.
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