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our racist prince
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the dude
the dude
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Re: our racist prince
Jan 12, 2009, 11:21
geoffrey_prime wrote:
Well, let me offer some support, he is my prince. I hope we can hear from the perosn who was being referenced in this so called racist assault. If they were happy for this personal nickname to be used, then, obviously, this is another media "whip up".
As I understand it, Harry was making a specific reference to a specific colleague/friend...not a generic reference, which I agree would be racist.
As a secondary point, I am really disappointed at how quickly people now jump on the "pc bandwagon"...even on this site...
We should really challenge the media..

well he aint my bleedin prince . pal,and it is ridiculous of u to say let the person being refrenced say if it is racicst or not, and what bollocks also of u to say that paki may have been his personal nickname, ,have to say u have the smell of middle england,and the daily mail lot, dude, watchin the news this morning and this royal correspondent was, saying oh its ok because he's in the army and it's banter, what bollocks, the word is pure racist shite, if another of his colleagues had been refered to as my little nigger,would the media be so forgiving, which i feel is what, they are trying to do,get rid of the bleedin lot of the muppets,the royals that is
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