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9-11 self inflicted?
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Re: Garbage
Apr 02, 2006, 20:02
OK, I'll turn it round, why? Why bother punching a hole in a back wall when you've just ran a whole 757, crew and passengers into a building? Doesn't make sense. Only people scratching for some conspiracy theory are going to be looking so critically for any shred of doubt surrounding which pillar received most damage. Oh, and the shaope of the hole is too round - FFS. Drop a ball into one of those old bagatelle machines with the random pins - it doesn't go in a straight line. The same would apply to debris, fuel and a blast wave making it's way through that maze of pillars.

When I studied 'Ex' rated electrical equipment and small enclosures, it was demonstrated practically that a box filled with hydrocarbon gas having various restrictions could actually support more than one explosion at a time. The primary explosion would compress the gas behind the retrictions and a secondary explosion could shoot off in a different direction to that expected. It may be a similar process or some variant.

I will say that if I get only a URL as a reply, I won't be responding. :-)
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