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‘henge’ discovered in Bucks - but not for long
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Re: ‘henge’ discovered in Bucks - but not for long
Sep 16, 2020, 09:33
nigelswift wrote:
tjj wrote:
Personally I would have preferred to not know the henge was there, would have been happy to let the ancient man, who apparently died a violent death, rest in peace

In some places you get your wish June. I remember a road engineer saying to me how they'd hurriedly covered up a burial in the path of the M54 before it caused a "delay". And these days Highways England blatantly say they will only sieve a small percentage of the soil at Stonehenge as to do it all would be "too expensive".

On balance though I'd rather know what had been destroyed. Actually, nearly everything IS, roads don't bend, and they hide behind the "preserved by record" falsehood. But if I didn't know about the destruction what would I have to rant about?!?

Hi Nigel, your posts always make me think, so thank you. I think perhaps my point was misunderstood which, given this situation is such a quandary, is easy to see why. I meant of course I would rather the HS2 wasn't being built (am very much on the side of Chris Packham). I would rather the land, woods and homes that are in its path were left undisturbed instead of bulldozed away. And with it the secrets that lie beneath.

The other side of that coin is of course that the 'finds' uncovered by the Construction employed archaeologists should be recorded for posterity - which is what is happening here before being obliterated - rather than not. However, I cannot bring myself to applaud it.

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