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‘henge’ discovered in Bucks - but not for long
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Re: ‘henge’ discovered in Bucks - but not for long
Sep 15, 2020, 21:17
nix wrote:
It's difficult to know what to think about this stuff isn't it?
On one hand, if it had't been for blooming HS2, it probably wouldn't have been found, but on the other, it will now be trashed by the works


Ed - worth listing as a site, albeit briefly?

Interesting story about the murder victim but who speaks like this in real life?

Mike Court, HS2 lead archaeologist said: “Before we build the low-carbon high-speed railway between London and Birmingham, we are uncovering a wealth of archaeology that will enrich our cultural heritage"

Thanks for this Nix - it is of course of great interest but they are about to destroy it along with swathes of woodland and countryside all in the name of 'progress'. Personally I would have preferred to not know the henge was there, would have been happy to let the ancient man, who apparently died a violent death, rest in peace - along with all the wildlife that has been destroyed. In fact I would go as far to say Mike Court, HS2 lead archaeologist has sold his soul to the devil (if I believed in such). I can't see how anything brought to light by HS2 will enrich our cultural heritage in spite of talk about 'a wealth of archaeology'.

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