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Far Right Groups Using Ancient Sites
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Re: Far Right Groups Using Ancient Sites
Aug 14, 2019, 22:08
Thanks for your in depth and (as ever) intelligent reply tsc. I have had a rethink and yes, totally agree with you that the use of the swastika symbol is now repellant however benign it's original origins were. Added to which of course, carving it on a tree - anywhere, is vandalism.

I think in my first post I tried to minimise the importance of these people thinking they had been perhaps been watching too much Vikings and become enamoured of the Ragnor Lodbrok Sagas (very entertaining on Amazon Prime) calling upon Odin at ancient sites. Together with my innate mistrust of the Telegraph - had hoped they were just a few over the top pagans.
Sadly not.
I have been following discussions elsewhere and there seems to be eye witness accounts that these people are indeed neo-nazi racists who are practising their hate creed under cover of paganism.

It's highly unlikely I'll ever come across them but it is unsettling knowing they are out there and wondering which group of people they are directing their hatred towards. I can only imagine. We live in frightening times and it would be all too easy, as just one individual, to take refuge in nature walks, music and books. Over to the radical young - they will always have my support.
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