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Digging For Britain heads-up.
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Evergreen Dazed
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Edited Nov 23, 2017, 09:52
Re: Digging For Britain heads-up.
Nov 23, 2017, 07:58
tjj wrote:
Couldn't wait until tomorrow - just watched on iplayer. Programme reports on the Avebury Project which of course is very interesting - diary footage of the Avebury Down dig where they found 5,000 year old pottery, worked flints and a quernstone. Also talked about the 'square' inside Avebury Circle.

The Cat's Brain dig was discussed in conjunction with a similar dig at Dorstone in Herefordshire. Not burial sites but large timber buildings? The Dorstone one burned to the ground before being turned into a mound.

All fascinating - will watch programme again in its entirety tomorrow - real (ethical!) dectectorists as well.


Yes, great programme, really enjoyed it.
I loved the stuff about the Avebury Down dig. I'd read on the NT blog thing before that they'd found lots of worked flint in that area but didn't know about the quernstone. Superb.
The Cats Brain stuff was very interesting too. Ideas about closing-off or 'decommissioning' a site have been around for a while, I think it has even been discussed in terms of stone circles and henges, with stones and/or ditch being the final act or 'closing off'.
Perhaps that fits with the Avebury 'square' too, surrounding the house near the obelisk?

In terms of other LBs, I know there was the wooden mortuary enclosure under Waylands, but I wonder if the tapezoid shape there still makes reference to timber houses like at Cats Brain, but without a previous house being present on-site perhaps?

It's all endlessly fascinating and totally bamboozling. But thats probably the way we all like it!
I might have to watch again too though as I had a long day travelling and was totally exhausted, was desperately trying not to nod off in the middle of it.

edit : henges not hedges! iphone typing issue ;)
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