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Digging For Britain heads-up.
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Re: Digging For Britain heads-up.
Nov 22, 2017, 14:04
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
Despite our differences we should not all be falling out so spectacularly like this.
Things escalate so quickly, there is so much paranoia on this forum sometimes about who knows what etc.
There are no winners, it’s just unpleasant for everybody.
I apologise for my part in it.

If i’m ever sarcastic, it’s meent to be to make people laugh, or at worst a jokey jibe. Clearly it doesn’t always make people chuckle so i’ll keep it in check.

OK, your apology for your part accepted, it usually takes two to tango. I apologise for swearing at you. As you pointed out to Littlestone, none of us are getting any younger. Our interests and passions hopefully continue for as long as we live, thankfully the vendettas fade away. Can't promise not to 'fan the flames' in the future (aka expressing an opinion). Let's move on, looking forward to the Digging for Britain programme though may have to watch on iplayer tomorrow.
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