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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Memories
Aug 25, 2017, 08:30
moss wrote:
Well I am not sure how to start this thread but after the latest furore, some thoughts on how to approach a thread. We seem to have had a lot of rows over the years on the way threads are taken over by different things – SOMEONE IS NOT KEEPING ON TOPIC – think that is impossible. You could have sub-threads of course, either in the actual thread or started separately.

There is a spiritual side to wandering round stones which can be expressed quite simply as in the words below. This is what we find wandering amongst the landscapes and stone circles of this country a sense of peace, we take photos of sites, sometimes draw them, and generally revel in their ‘prehistoricness’.

My solution to all of you that have fallen out is to meet somewhere near Uffington, (there is a pub!) don’t argue about theories that may or may not be right.

That is quite far from Scotland for people who have fallen out with someone North of the Border. I haven't fallen out with anyone but I find ths suggestion that should such a thing occur... a solution would be to travel to Uffington to sort it out... a weird sort of Berkshire-centric, Anglo-centred travesty.

I would instead suggest the various angry parties travel to Fingals Cave on Staffa as the long journey, early ferry, lengthy bus journey and heaving charter boat trip will focus their minds sharply and solutions would be much more forthcoming.
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