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Edited Aug 22, 2017, 11:23
Re: Memories
Aug 22, 2017, 11:15
A thoughtful post Moss and yes, I too stopped to read Wysefool's entries under Uffington when I was scrolling down to the Links section. You mentioned 'going off topic' - I don't think that actually happened under the Uffington thread. Both myself and thesweetcheat wanted to widen the view out a bit that's all. And this is a good place to say I have the utmost respect for thesweetcheat, he is never rude, he doesn't back down and always displays integrity whether he is talking about politics, public transport or ancient sites. I feel more or less the same about Tiompan too (though have never heard him talk about politics).

I watched something earlier on FB about the difference between men and women's brains (it was intentionally very funny). Apparently men's brains are made up of little boxes and the rule is the boxes don't touch - they can only discuss what is in any one box at any one time. Whereas women's brains are a mass off interconnecting wires held together by something called emotion. I laughed along with the audience at Mark Gungor's act - wouldn't like to say whether I think it true or not.

Also we don't really know what is going on in the background of anyone's life when they come to this forum. Maybe their dog just died, or they just had an argument with their other half, or had some bad news about a friend or family member. We will never know unless they say and most people choose not to.
We all need to be willing to say sorry, maybe I got that wrong, maybe I over reacted or got the wrong end of the stick.

And then log off for a bit, go and get some fresh air. As I am going to do now - hopefully I will be back.
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