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Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
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Re: Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
Aug 01, 2013, 17:08
Littlestone wrote:
On the contrary, both sides seem convinced they are right based on their interpretation of what is ‘real’. I’m suggesting there there are many notions of reality (cultural and otherwise) which are as valid as the somewhat polarised ones here.

I disagree, actually. I don't believe Glastonbury is a chakra, but I'm open to evidence to the contrary. I wouldn't state as a fact that it's not a chakra, because it's an unprovable supposition on my part. But equally, I wouldn't expect others to factually assert that it *is* a chakra.

It's not so much a case of a disagreement over what's real, but rather a disagreement over asserting one version of reality over another. I have no problem with people believing whatever they want, so long as it harms no-one else. I do have a problem with people telling me that their subjective beliefs are factually correct.
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