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Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
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Re: Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
Aug 01, 2013, 17:04
Astralcat wrote:
Mustard wrote:
Astralcat wrote:
I operate in different ways to you and understand certain things that you don't, basically.

Awesomely pompous and arrogant. Well done :)

Cheers! I've popped into this site now and again, seen the the positive contributions and contributors of which there are quite a few it has to be said, but I've also seen the arrogance, bullying and pompous alpha bullshit of certain other contributors, not all, and you know what the thing is ? These contributors are so up their own intellectual fundament they cannot even tell a chain yank from a dolmen in their desire to be right, regardless. Adios Shanti :-)

A very enlightened view. You're shining example of spiritual progression ;)

It's mildly ironic that you're the only person here insisting that he is in a position to dictate facts to the rest of us. Presumably that's an example of a contributor so up his own intellectual fundament he cannot even tell a chain yank from a dolmen in his desire to be right? How very alpha bullshit of you ;)

At any point in this discussion, you could have humbly replaced "Its a fact" with "It's my belief", and nobody would have taken any issue with you. Your own stubborn pomposity is the only problem here. I'll be generous and assume that you're young and still in the grip of early-onset male ego. Hopefully you'll grow out of it as you spiritually progress :)
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