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Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
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Re: Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
Aug 01, 2013, 08:57
nigelswift wrote:
FYI I bet there's just about no-one here that doesn't believe in and has experienced spirit of place and natural poetry and inner voice - which fact entirely confounds your previous dismissal of us as lacking soul or whatever.

(That doesn't mean they all take those experiences to indicate external forces at work though. There are explanations other than yours you know - which is why you have been asked repeatedly to preface what you say with "I think that..."

I replied to Mustard that that was a tongue in cheek post (Steely Dan ?) and that in any case I was not referring to everyone one, but a tendency with some to be, as I see it, so steeped in science and materialism that something vital gets lost along the way. As for arguing about semantics ?...
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