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Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
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Re: Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
Aug 01, 2013, 07:49
Mustard wrote:
tjj wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
Astralcat wrote:
Glastonbury IS a chakra!

To illustrate the utter pointlessness of this kind of assertion, i'll just say "No it isn't" and that I know that 3000 years ago it was covered in banana and cream trifle.

You won't shift me from that belief.

Its my life illusion, metaphysical, garden gnomic view.

I really don't know why you have to talk to people like this. I'm going to defend Astralcat because, although I've not met him, know him to be a good, compassionate person who fights vigorously against injustice - whether it be people with disabilities, whales being slaughtered or badgers being killed etc, ect ... a very long list indeed. What does it matter what someone believes about Glastonbury, what is with all this 'prove it' shit. How about a little bit of inclusive courtesy.

That applies to Mustard too, lecturing people about humility ... talk about pot - kettle.

Did you miss the bit where your nice man dismissed an entire forum of people as boring and soulless, essentially because they don't accept that Glastonbury is a chakra? Here's the bit in question:

"You are all just wasting your time and gazing at rocks and arguing about the antiquity of large pebbles. Nothing more. No Soul. No Spirit."

So please, spare me the sanctimonious lecture. I couldn't care less what your friend believes. But if he comes to a public forum stating those beliefs as FACTS, then it is not unreasonable to request PROOF. It is also incredibly arrogant behaviour, to elevate one's own personal beliefs above others, by claiming that those beliefs are FACTS.

Sense of humour failure ? I thought my post was claerly tongue inc cheek, a gentle wind up so to speak, and I obviously was not referring to everyone here! Some people who contribute are my friends.

Anyway, you obsession with FACTS. What about the spirit of a place ? Its natural poetry ? Its inner voice and memory ? These are vitally important. You cannot reduce everything to solely quantifiable facts. The universe includes our dreams, yearnings, visions, loves and sorrows. Places can retain these within the psychic atmosphere.Seriously, have you ever dowsed or meditated at a sacred site ? It's quite amazing what you sometimes experience. These experiences are facts too.
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