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Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
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Re: Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
Jul 31, 2013, 15:21
Mustard wrote:
Astralcat wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
Astralcat wrote:
Mustard wrote:
Astralcat wrote:

Anyway, speculation is essential and allows us to piece together enough information to regard it as good as or close to 'fact' where appropriate. Facts alone, important as they are, do not always do full justice to what we are investigating. They have to be linked and expanded in the process. Also, we haven't touched on metaphysical knowledge or 'fact'.

I totally agree. Speculation is absolutely important, which is why I've consistently said that I have no problem with it. The mistake only arises when speculation is passed off as fact. Like "Glastonbury IS a chakra". If it's a chakra, then prove it. Otherwise, that statement is no different from any other religious belief... like "Jesus DID rise from the dead". Why not adopt the far more reasonable position of stating "I BELIEVE Glastonbury is a chakra?

It's certainly possible to speculate about what the druids believed, but given the absence of any verifiable evidence, it's impossible to state with any degree of certainty what those beliefs were. We can have an interesting discussion about what they MIGHT have been, but that's as far as it goes.

How can you prove something that exists within its own framework entirely beyond the limited boundaries of materialistic science etc ? Anything in the psychic, metaphysical, spiritual or 'occult' realms is eminently provable as fact within its own terms by those experienced to any degree of operating within them.

No, the whole thing 'works' because it stays within parameters of the acceptable, or the vaguely possible. It 'can be imagined to have happened'. Thats why these baseless ideas are able to flourish.
If you take my belief about them singing 'my old mans a dustman' everbody feels they can safely discount it because it sounds so ridiculous, but your claims of Chakra etc are just as baseless, just as invented, just as meaningless.

Why can't you see it?

There is an argument to be had, and i'm a believer in it, that everybody does hold their own 'illusion' and it is probably a very helpful, healthy thing for the individual, but the contents of each individuals illusion should not be stated as fact. Its an 'internal' thing, a happy personal deception. I'm all for it, as we all go around with strange beliefs in our heads, but I can't stomach it when people blur the lines and start talking about chakras and merlin as fact.

If one worked with specific spiritual practices, you would pretty soon discover that chakras are a spiritual/metaphysical fact. It's just that they're not part of your experience or belief system. Highly illumined and advanced men and women from so many cultures and traditions throughout the ages have discovered their 'strange beliefs' to be fact, and not deception. It's all about framework/knowledge system and levels of perception.

And you can find similar statements attached to every religious belief. "I know Jesus is real, because he's talked to me." Subjective personal experience is not fact. The best you can hope to demonstrate is that a variety of people have interpreted subjective personal experience in similar ways.

Subjective personal experience is fact. It's a tangible fact for the individual concerned. It doesn't matter a hoot if doesn't fit in with the ruling paradigm's boundaries. Trust yourself, and not always what you are told to believe.
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