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Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
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Re: Glastonbury resident antiquarians and festival,.
Jul 31, 2013, 14:29
Astralcat wrote:

What a curiously dull and soulless place the world would be if we ignored all oral tradition, folk memory, myth and legend and just relied on your 'hard evidence' alone. Not for me, that's for sure...

I really don’t think you can use words like chakra (in relation to Glastonbury) without being able to back the assertion up somehow. As Mustard said earlier, if you want to say I believe Glastonbury is a chakra then fine (though I still think you should be able to back it up somehow otherwise it’s just as nebulous an idea as a million others out there jostling for respectability).

Backing beliefs up doesn’t have to be Hadron Collider proof-positive of the existence of the God particle – it can be done statistically (if not definitively) in other ways. For example, the fact that there are lesser occurrences of certain cancers in one culture compared to another is probably true, though it might be hard to prove it and even harder to prove that such-and-such a diet, or way of living, is the cause of that difference.

Another way to back up your belief is to maybe show there’s an etymological link between the word chakra and Glastonbury. I doubt if there is but if there is we might then be stepping out of the realms of (unsubstantiated) belief and into the realms of ‘maybe’. There was a lovely little example of etymological ‘connectivity’ on TV last night for example when our attention was drawn to the fact that the words yoga and yoke stem from the same Indo-European root word yougos meaning ‘union’ :-)
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