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How is Rock Art aged?
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Re: How is Rock Art aged?/Cupmarks
Dec 17, 2012, 20:32
tiompan wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Two questions for our experts. Is it possible to 'age' unrecorded rock art and at the same time differentiate between two distinct periods (age) of art on the same rock?

After 86 posts and about 80 being totally irrelevent to the thread, may I, in an attempt to stabilise things ask a further question that hopefully we can all join in sensibly. Sorry if that sounds patronising but it's not meant to be.
Cupmarks. To my untrained eye, many of them look 'natural'. How do you tell the difference between those and the 'manufactured' ones?

Roy , quite , and not patronising .I posted this a wee while ago .Might help .

That is a really helpful link Tiompan. When I first heard about cup marks I started looking for them locally but learnt (from you) that rock art rarely occurs on sarsen because it is so hard. I got quite excited about this stone in a local village (near M4). I don't know if you recall me asking you about it but appreciated the benefit of your expertise.
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