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How is Rock Art aged?
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Edited Dec 16, 2012, 23:51
Re: How is Rock Art aged?
Dec 16, 2012, 23:45
bladup wrote:
It's more about the experiences at the stones [in normal and altered states] and the knowledge gained from visiting 1000's of rock art sites [plus all the knowledge from past lives], it's a accumulative knowledge over years and years, it's hard to teach because of that, but i've got 1000's of examples in my mind of various things at rock art sites that show something thats still in the landscape, there's a rock art site on Ilkley moor that clearly shows the line of cairns, ringcairns and the 12 Apostles stone circle on the moor, it's unmistakeable once you understand the monuments there, the ringcairns are shown by circles, the cairns by a simple cup [this is one of the problems, because simple cups can mean other things to do with water as well, a lot of the art has more than one meaning] but the 12 Apostles shows the embankment in a circle but on the inside show the stones in the circle, a lot of bronze age forts with their huts are marked on rocks in Northumberland, loads that show local watercourses and places to obtain clean water, but we've been here before and i can't believe george [and other rock art people] know so little about them even though they've probably been to the most, that means it's the hallucinogens that lets you understand a lot more, a lot of the art is what people actually see on the substances on the stones themselves, when they've done tests in labs all the patterns you see in the chambered cairns are all drawn and reported by the people on the substances, it's one of those things that if you've done it you'd know what i'm on about and if you haven't you may not [unless you've done it in a past life].

This type of "explanation " where rock art motifs are said to represent features in the landscape has been suggested since the start of rock art studies . Whenever it is actually put to the test it fails ,there are too many ,or not enough features and they are in the wrong place . This is usually explained by what doesn't fit as no longer being there .There is also the problem that often near by the motifs are other marked rocks with similar motifs but with different patterns and combinations .
Using psychedelics to get insights can be useful and those that have an interest in rock art and altered states have often tried it and whilst very pleasurable the actual " insights " like many others that seemed so enlightening at the time turn out to be more funny than helpful when considered in the cold light of day . If they are testable they fail i.e. I have yet to hear of anyone coming up with an idea that has been accepted as being true about rock art that was derived from a psychedelic experience , (much the same can be said about non psychedelic experiences too ) if unfalsifiable then they are no better than all the other unfalsifiable suggestions .
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