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Getting Serious about Conservation
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Getting Serious about Conservation
Nov 05, 2003, 07:09
There's a common theme in so many threads here - archaeology under threat and the establishment not doing enough. It seems to me there's something missing in UK, a high profile grass roots lobby group that can fight each battle under a unified national banner, and act as a popular counterweight to official inertia. If we had a "label" I think more doors to editors etc would open up and our individual voices would carry more weight. BN has done a fantastic job for Thornborough, for instance, but if he'd been a member of Save Ancient Heritage, or somesuch, he might have done even better. I suppose such things may exist already but they are too local or specialist to make much impact. I think choosing the right name is half the battle. (Although I personally think they're obnoxious, the foxhunting lobby have done themselves enormous good by reinventing themselves as the Countryside Alliance.)

These things tend to grow organically once started so who knows where it might lead, but for now all we'd need to do is agree on a name and agree to use it if we're approaching the authorities. I'm acutely aware that when I write to EH about Silbury they regard me as a lone loony. But if I could say I was a member of "XYZ" I think it would help a lot.

Anyone think this is a good idea? And what would be a suitable name?
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