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More on The Matrix 4
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Edited Dec 30, 2021, 03:40
Re: More on The Matrix 4
Dec 30, 2021, 03:39
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
The Annual Raveup Christmas #1 in post-Matrix Zion is a song called "Hands Up! (Whose Been To Peppa Pig World)" and there are Ashrams and hog-roasts as far as the eye can see.

Obviously being 8000 years later you wonder why Neo & Trinity are only 20 years older it's because they died in the first films, but the Matrix grows babies for energy using mathematical modelling so the statistical odds of having another Neo & Trinity are 1 in [it takes 8000 years like a John Cage organ piece, but not the 10,000 years one because I'm making this up]

The Agent Smith in this iteration is there to counter obvious long term patterns like the testing software used to assess randomness in fixed-odds betting terminals - putting every member of the Matrix onto the blockchain ensures the AI's mutation experiment is still comparing like-for-like thousands of years into the process.

As Andy Bell sang in Erasure's Joan - "what a waste of time and energy".



yeah but fun though, why make a news story out of a content management system?

It's like, I'm drunk at 4am, i'd sooner see cats fight

infinite reflections of an eyegraine and the only hug off a barmaid

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