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More on The Matrix 4
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Edited Dec 03, 2021, 15:57
Re: More on The Matrix 4
Dec 03, 2021, 14:25
Kid Calamity wrote:
Please tell us there’s gonna be a happy ending, for this.

And, if not, maybe a last minute cliffhanger that will raise hopes and dreams that there just might be a sequel (to this sequel to sequels).

Actually Kid, you'll like this one:

After the whole Odin On Acid limited edition #122 ex-girlfriend eBay glitch Post Office year-long manic episode and my fixation on irrelevent numerical palindromes I hadn't been following the progress of the actual Matrix 4 film Matrix Resurrections...

Imagine my delight when the official cinema release date announcement was formatted "12.22.21" !!!


UGH! Yesterday was a palindrome too 12.02.2021 but I must've fallen asleep or something.



Actually there's a funny side to this story as I've only just looked up the trailer on YouTube and seen it dated 09.11 (US), much like this dumbass thread that didn't actually have to be composed on 09.11 (UK) but was thrown up on account of Penrose-esque quantum mind fluctuations (I keep telling myself).

What are numbers anyway?

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