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More on The Matrix 4
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Edited Nov 09, 2021, 02:57
More on The Matrix 4
Nov 09, 2021, 01:56
Latest leaks from cinema have already revealed the story of Trinity and Neo retiring* to a suburban annexe of Mega City Matrix and planning to invite The Architect to one of their regular S&M-themed house parties in an attempt to embroil The Architect in a tabloid scandal that will reveal The Architect to the tabloid reading audience of Mega City Matrix that weren't aware of The Architect's existence.

In a cruel twist of fate The Architect in this iteration of The Matrix is a post-menopausal** woman (a "matriarchitect", if you will) who grows weary of not only Trinity and Neo's life choices but also pansexual psychic mind experiences in general, and decides not to stay.

In the meantime Agent Smith still exists, but rather than replicating himself by overwriting each citizen of Mega Matrix City's code, he has created a Meta-Matrix which each citizen of Mega Matrix City is free by choice to enter by having their code replicated on the blockchain.

Eventually the power drain on the Matrix becomes so great The Matrix crashes and everybody is free to make puerile jokes about sex toys. ***



* Ageist
** Sexist and ageist
*** Ageist, sexist and a total rip off of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Data vs Moriarty episode which I'm too lazy to Google

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