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Edited Nov 11, 2019, 14:24
The Time Trumpet Universe
Nov 11, 2019, 14:11
Not much to explain really,
I think it started with a 14 mile sponsored walk to Magdalen in 1989/90 - 7 miles there, 7 miles back

"That'll do for that bit"

2011/12 and you're just dozing off in North Wales and a dream appears, of a sky swirl all flat and pressing down upon buildings making them collapse then


Thunder in North Wales! - that's a little unusual, let us wiki Taranis.

It's not like those lush August summers growing up in Norfolk, where the rain would announce itself gradually, having been buffered by The Mountains Over There.

Or indeed in Finland in 2001, where stationed inside the workers' cooperative island the lightning would pass for hours. Sausages on a grill by the sea, now on the buses.

In 1998 my Irish Friend drew a pentagram on my door
because I was assigned room C4,
on my first girlfriend's birthday I ordered Crystal Ball
and it turned out she'd been raped in the back of a kebab shop

Compiling cassettes of Prince insistence I asked her mother
to pray for me so that I be present for years two and three
on account of my not finishing the How To Study assignment.

In 1998 "are you coming to see Prince?" and she was, No No No
if you haven't recognized my rape in the back of a kebab shop I am not about to travel from Thanet to Wembley just to peer at Prince in the middle of a nervous breakdown from row Z.

It was a good gig but for idiots who didn't grow up on Sly and the Family Stone.


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