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Edited Jul 02, 2019, 16:30
Re: It's the WEEEEKEND!
Jul 02, 2019, 15:18
Went out to town for some polenta and ice cream and stopped in not having had cocktails in a while - blimey it's notsomuch a foreign country as a perpetual stag/hen party masquerading as a really bland sequence of nice dresses and polo shirts. We were hoping to catch Janet Jackson on some iPlayer big screen but we clearly didn't miss out.

Didn't feel threatened by anything, though did feel a bit of a nob having the bar staff go through the Tom Cruise Bicep Experience for essentially just a double of J. Morgan - the mint has taken over the planters in the back yard so nothing can really surprise me anymore.

My weekend moth outfit probably needs a bit of a revamp, just afterwards came up with the mad T-Shirt slogan "Adifasc", which was then represented in this piece of fluff three days later:


It's almost as if it were targeted at my exact demographic! If my demographic were recycling data without thinking like in that book by Haruki Murakami. Has Robert Smith's neck got shorter or am I just not eating properly?

Made some English Muffins with French Bread flour, they were unfluffy. Probably try spelt and bicarbonate next time, as I don't have the patience to compare a controlled kneading experiment.

NOTE TO SELF: place dough on tummy like an otter and get cat to do kneading, then bake and offer to neighbour.




later thought about reforming the A*** C*** but all I got was this promo photo of a bored woman with a mobile

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