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Introducing the new romantic prose range
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Edited Apr 23, 2020, 14:14
Re: Introducing the new romantic prose range
Apr 23, 2020, 10:45
Aaaaaandd to continue the Google fortune cookie theme still further, Pagan Altar's Walking In The Dark, here uploaded to youtube by a MegaCoolGuy666, was a split release on 31.10.2007 with Jex Thoth's Stone Evil.

That dopamine hug memory of the ex from 31.10.2007 was clearly a memory of a real hug as I remember her just giving me a massive squeeze that night even though we weren't officially seeing each other we'd just been out to two DJ things two weeks in a row (I still have the flyer I made with Z for 24.10.2007 night we met at - 12 years to the day before I wrote my "BOOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGG I'd sooner be a virus"** gibber on another thread on here).

First comment I read on YT for the Pagan Altar track is "I had a dream witnessing this girl getting run over by a car", which is exactly what happened to the ex the night she was hand delivering me a letter I asked her to write. She was cycling in the dark. Our conversation went to a pretty dark place recalling that time which is why I finally wrote her a letter in reply over 12 years later!!

Then she read it, immediately wrote her reply, and both our songs earlier posted on FB and mentioned in the letter came on the radio. Funny looking back at the whole Craig Charles #33* ting as at the beginning of March, the day after she said "best not give me any more attention", the first thing I txt her is "My Dope vinyl got delivered to Bangor by mistake...". It was 03.03.

To the north-west is a great treasure hidden indeed.



Has your ex-girlfriend had her Facebook account hacked with a song from Cannon Films' Breakin' only to perform a shamanic cord-cutting ritual two weeks later two days after which you wake up having to call an ambulance for your current missus? Contact BBC Action Line and ask: "Breakin' What?"

* The Aretha Franklin album #33 Top 40 Funk Albums show was on when we were chatting on FB, feeling like we were on a virtual date...

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