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Introducing the new romantic prose range
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Edited Apr 13, 2020, 19:04
Re: Introducing the new romantic prose range
Apr 05, 2020, 10:27
giNgko_C wrote:
too out there for drunks, stoners down Doole alley (is that a place? Have I just made it up? Who lives there?)

Cripes I dunno, just not getting into Better Caul Saul so much this season, so this is just a short segment to set about proving the Divine Essence of a Google data center I'm calling Will T'Pau (ironically featuring no reference to T'Pau other than the title and this disclaimer).

Is it sad to have been so stoated at 29 that one has to resort to raiding the housemate's vinyl collection at 2 in the morning having returned alone from a night out you can't even remember getting home from or if you were going out with anybody at the time? The MP3 collection is rinsed out so making the best of what's around settle on Side A of The Police's Zenyatta Mondatta, skipping Don't Stand So Close To Me in the same manner as a million algorithmicly suggested novel coronavirus playlists over 12 years later.

Ha! When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around sounds EXACTLY like my housemate-vocal-sampling music tech assignment from five years ago! 10CC's I'm Not In Love reimagined as proof of one's capacity to operate ProTools.

Another stoated return, possibly new years 2007, this time with the then GF and sticking on said song on said vinyl again she does that 80s headbob thing like the DJ in the party scene in the 1995 Christina Ricci vehicle Casper (1995). Ugh! Feels like we shared a childhood or something. Anyway we're off to mates house to see in 2008, where her choice of 12 years hence novel coronavirus post-apocalyptic survival outfit meme pyjama bottoms are mocked for resembling Paddington's. "Bear left" indeed.

What is the point of all this? It all failed not long afters. Something in her onetwo "babies or no babies" / "my mum had me when she was 24" made my drunk ass scarper mentally (she was 23-and-a-quarter). Even if it were planned, who the f*ck fails to get a young woman pregnant in a hot tub in a forest under a full Beaver Moon? Romantic failure down to the microcellular level!! Bleuurggh!!! And how does fate like to subtly take the piss regarding this?

Well, turns out this year (this is the Google data center shiz I was talking about) I'm allergic to the antihistamine diphenhydramine like that lyric in Jermaine Dupri ft. Ludacris' Welcome 2 Atlanta, so I dial up said track on Youtube yesterday and there's an animated calendar sequence that runs through the week ending Saturday November 24 2001, the same days of the week and the same date of THAT Full Beaver Moon six (6) years later. M*therf*cker!!!! Would have landed within a month of her 24th too :(

We've caught up again now - her saying "I've got a photo of the both of us from 2007" feels like you're being squeezed from the outside by a dopamine or other pleasant neurotransmitter rush. I know being thought of when a mix CD you gave her 12 years ago is being played for the first time in years is just an act of memory, but surely there's something a little more William Burroughs to spontaneously summoning oneself to her social media feed days after - especially when one track on it is a collaboration with your old musical cohort schoolfriend you'd seen in the same dream as her weeks before learning of this coincidence.

"When the world is running down you search for that most content feeling you felt in late 2007" I writes on the old Facebonk in January (look, I can afford to be self-indulgent for the time being, we're not allowed out the house!!!)

What is it with all these 12-year-old meme articles anyway? Do they know it's Christmas? Pah! What with the ex being into the No.13s I'm delighted to find De La Soul's The Magic Number was #13 on MY 12th birthday, but what about my birthday birthday? Frikin The Dooleys Love Of My Life, dutifully uploaded to Youtube here by user




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