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Introducing the new romantic prose range
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Re: Introducing the new romantic prose range
Jul 07, 2019, 00:31
Oh Lordi, time has not been unkind.

When I consider your hair and your gormless Doogle face, the velocity of gas when what I surmise is still an acceptable physical form and what I can only fantasize your physical form would become - too out there for drunks, stoners down Doole alley (is that a place? Have I just made it up? Who lives there?) - is it intertwineable if it's gas? What are legs? Who are you? Cheese and empanadas. Toilet, hang on this isn't working for me. Erf, your body is what I cannot comprehend what with you all hunched over.

Fuck, all my dreams are about jealousy now - public minge and none of me. None of me!!! God damnit. It's cool I just clearly want to fantasize about you but your body is incomprehensible hence the question marks.

ANYWAY this is all very forced and unnatural as the current wife has converted me to beer so I can't write romantic longings anymore. Bit of a pisser either way.


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