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Introducing the new romantic poetry range
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Edited Jan 23, 2020, 15:48
Re: Introducing the new romantic poetry range
Jan 23, 2020, 15:38
I think what's even metaphysicallier funny about this poem is when on May 2 2009 I caught up with Zack and Karma and as we were approaching the crossing off the High Street I tried to make a joke:

"Heeeey, a lot of people say live your life as you may be run over by a bus the next day, therefore I have spent my entire life in permanent fear of buses"

And Karma went: "Uh hu hurr", like that were a really shit joke, as it were.


Anyway, long story short I typed an account of the day on here which Pixxx really liked and we entered into some form of friendship on Facebook, then sometime in 2012 I spotted we were both trolley'd so I said: "Hey, phone me"

then a yada yada ensued where ultimately she said: "Come and make love to me"

and my brain just blew a gasket as I suddenly realised I were psychotically pissed on ALDI red wine and had no modicum of becoming a sex tourist.

So that ended that then.

But now I'm like: "hey, don't worry, the last time the Taal volcano went off is encoded in the wiki because somebody has a download of a tourist information leaflet!"

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