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Introducing the new romantic poetry range
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Edited Jun 20, 2019, 15:05
Re: Introducing the new romantic poetry range
Jun 14, 2019, 17:40
((hullo, Jesus here again, hmpf - I guess you Googled 14 Corinthians then. I am glad you have found love. Actually I've got this ace joke nobody ever told you - all those visions you saw are actually just mind constructs invented by a sarcastic twat. Basically lots of us were slaves to the Pharoah so we just injected something stupid into the Heiroglyphics so that images would be perpetuated into the future and make everybody really dumb in the process. What. A. Gas. Anyway, you probably won't do anything with this message, in fact you're on the verge of thinking you can control the weather, and believe me the Cliff Richard poster honey formulation love spell isn't all that in HER mind, you need to repent for the past 17 years of your life and maybe be accepted by the woman at the checkout at best. OK, byeeeeeeee))


But what about Addison Lee? Aren't they just voting themselves out of work?

((pffff, work. Yeh, uh huh hurr))


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