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The Return Of Alan Partridge
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Edited Jun 07, 2019, 18:51
Re: The Return Of Alan Partridge
Jun 07, 2019, 18:41
Hi Mrs Ahab,

I too have felt the depression that occurs when Armando Ianucci has to abandon his writing duties and concentrate on being a responsible parent,

in the past I used to torture my drunk housemate with 2001 videos to the extent he relented and declaimed: "AAAARRRRGGGHH!!! It's Death by Armando Ianucci!!! Please Stop!",

but having now a bingewatching spouse who will not relent on any given internet streaming media, the dearth in quality is palpable to the level of head cancer.

I hope these missives find you well - I've been in a state of self hypnosis where I've been not wanting to chat up a lady I know in the manner of a technique invented by a Southern ponce,

and instead found myself wanting to rhyme like Lord Byron, the Trump pauses excused, and essentially the same thing give or take centuries.


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