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Stewart Lee
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Edited Jan 28, 2020, 03:02
Re: Stewart Lee
Jan 28, 2020, 01:01
Jarrettt Kobeeekkkk (and pulse fishing)

loik, av u ever been to the back of a ship in your dreams for loik 3 times in succsession and then a picture of it popped up in The Guardian in 2014


no, not this one, the other one where the King goes: "Hey, here's my hand, now everybody can travel to the marble and put their hand in my hand... and you can walk around the inside of it in your dreams, you know the one

'now we all have a hand in it!'


I dunno, seems a bit weird that how is that in any way jealous when you've been there three times in your dreams already?

Fucks sake, Google is shit - there's a bloody great marble in Khazaksthan or something and I went there in my dreams three times before the Guardian had a picture of it and then I set it as my desktop wallpaper UGH!!!! WHAT IS IT!???


(is it the old Scottish Prince joke about how 89 Scottish tourists were apprehended on a flight to I dunno, Sears or Bethlehem or something, and they got escorted off of the flight because when asked what their destination was they replied:

"dis nae land!!!"

Ooof! It's a rubbish joke that needs telling every now and then

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