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Stewart Lee
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Edited Dec 24, 2019, 00:24
Re: Stewart Lee
Dec 23, 2019, 08:44
Actually, from the recent Stewart Lee article in The Observer, and based purely on my own psychotic fixation on repeat occurences of certain two-digit numbers through Time, could it be that Boris is actually possessed by Count Furfur?

And by being possessed by Count Furfur the only way to get him to tell the truth is to compel him to guest on an episode of Sesame Street with music by James Blunt?


Suddenly the extended Hallowe'en EU exit date requiring a "Brexorcist" makes so much sense now.

Sometimes I like to pretend I've been possessed by Count Furfur (it's quite fun actually, if you read the sigil grid off the wiki he's 3 in and 4 down from the top right), having been plagued by imposter syndrome with work since falling in love with my ex-housemate's profile picture (who I had ANOTHER dream about last night - ugh, so lush), though the only triangulating I performed was spending the day consuming three bottles of Shiraz! Thankfully there were no more "Oxford Landings" after.


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