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jb lamptoast-morsley
jb lamptoast-morsley
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Jacques Peretti
Jun 18, 2017, 20:44
That programme about commuters trying to take on a train line. Some interesting stuff there for those pondering why our train service is sub standard and wondering whether it should be renationalised.

Apparently about 3 billion tax payers money is paid out to subsidise various franchises so it is in part nationalised still. This money is dolled out to franchises run and owned by European governments in the majority of cases. Don't let the brexiteers get hold of that info!!! Regardless, it seems foolhardy. They went to Switzerland where the train service is run very efficiently to all appearances. It is run as a business concern, and all the profits which it inevitably makes are ploughed straight back into the infrastructure. Why can't we do that? Anyone been on a train recently? I live in Cornwall and don't get much change from £100 to get to London and back. Seems ridiculously expensive.

Been trying to get hold of the superrich and us on Youtube but it is not available. Remembered enjoying that as well as his one about making us spend money and the built in obsolescence of products. Watched his ted
talk too

Been catching up with the last episode of Marvel's Agents of Shield which is ostensibly about AI

Most of the way through series 2 of Shameless which really is very well put together
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