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What you watching 2
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: What you watching 2
Jun 10, 2017, 09:12
carol27 wrote:
Sin Agog wrote:
New Twin Peaks. Everything I could possibly have hoped for.

I'm beatifically bombarded & baffled. 25 years on & they all look the same cept older, apart from Mr Lynch ( he's always looked this age) Sin..explain it to me. Are we never to know? The ghoulies in the glass box & the prison cell..weren't they great? The Santa in Las Vegas..you couldn't make it up. The arm tree...:)

(Warning: I'm painstakingly pecking out one letter at a time on an i-thing, which renders every post I make so slow that by the time I'm finished it reads as naive juvenalia).

My instinct for everything I watch is to just let the atmosphere wash over me. Not much of a pathologist. And yet...I then read that the sound coming out of the phonograph was the sped-up clinking of a Vegas fruit machine (https://www.reddit.com/r/twinpeaks/comments/6ct9oo/s3e4_i_believe_i_know_what_the_sound_heard_over/). There is purpose everywhere here, and I'll probably just have to change my mind-set to pick things up on that level*. The problem is, moments like that whole early cosmic stretch of Episode 3 resonate with me on such a liminal level that it seems like I'd be doing them a total disservice by whipping out the scalpel and saying, "The eyeless woman on the couch with all that Girl in the Radiator-style gunk on her face was obvs meant to be Josie stuck in limbo." Being as it was all written as one big script, p'raps I may go back to it again with that particular mind-set when I've got a bigger picture. IRREGARDLESS OF ALL THAT JAZZ, however, it's just such bloody good quality that it's shown up even the better examples of recent television as formulaic soap operas glomming off the HBO model that they arguably are (still good, but not Twin smegging Peaks). Lynch is in tip toppity tip top form, and Machlachlan is putting in [a] performance/s of a lifetime. He's changed television again.

And as to the arm tree...well, that came about after Michael J Anderson evidently lost his mind with facebook posts like this: "I couldn't watch TP when it originally aired because it was so BORING. Every time I tuned in, it was people talking in a room. That's it. And if I stayed long enough to hear what they were saying, they would be talking about NOTHING. I figured out that I couldn't follow the plot, (or had to make one up) because there WAS NO PLOT. A man went to a town to investigate a murder. That's it. Nothing else ever happens. Just people talking in rooms. And all this taking NEVER advanced the murder investigation ONE BIT. I liked the part that I was in, (because I was in it), but it still didn't make a hoot of sense. Hard to watch."

*No doubt I'll get it completely wrong like Kermode here, though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEqhiC4zcGA
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