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What you watching 2
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Re: What you watching 2
Feb 17, 2017, 13:05
Thanks, Carol. Have a platonic hug. Am telling absolute truth. Ain't easy being repeatedly labelled outstanding and not have the inner equipment or backup to deal with it. Plus you get shit from those who suss you're 'different'. I had my nose slit once. Stuff like that. Plenty. You can't help the way you pop out and being Mensa levellish and multitalented or 'well rounded', whatever. Posh schools are not nice places sometimes. Thank f*ck my brainiac spawn are unscathed. They've always known I'm there. I've had to keep below parapet till can handle things, just taken a peek now and again. Still got repeatedly noticed in a nice way, have encountered and still do encounter 'not your average person'. Several in the offing now, it seems, having been scratched and sniffed. Just as private aquaintances. I'm not Zelig, not consciously gone out of my way in the slightest, will not. Like my job, I never ever advertise, just get passed around or cross paths. You'd recognise the names. Would prefer just as mates. Zero in the starstruck department. I just natter. No airs and graces either side..but I prefer birds and flowers. And stones. (And, and...cont.) Really n o t trying to be bigheaded, am just saying and don't 'do' bullshit. Despise those that do. I just talk to nice people, like yourself 'n Mr Agog, bless his seaweedy underwear. Wife remains totally oblivious, probably thinks I'm doing fek all. Will have to spill beans soon, I guess... Ulp. But, as I said, life's too short now, dot, dot, dot... Anyhoo, gotta go into town now and do things re 'plans'. Catch up with you praps x ...ps er, sorry for spectacular bit of thread diversion. What am I watching at moment? Nothing. Taking time out from that for some reason...
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