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What you watching 2
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Re: What you watching 2
Feb 17, 2017, 10:48
Thought you might understand...you are a Dude. I have revisited all my dark corners including those I'd forgotten or wiped that I had. An interesting, very painful but necessary and probably productive experience. I will be on television soon. Couldn't when the opportunity happened before.. long, surreal story, no need to repeat, but in the end I was guided in John Boorman's direction, but it was clear I had a skin too few at the time. Maybe now, ce sera. Still somewhat raw on occasion. A live hour long tryout in offing. This time a factual subject. Meeting a 'name' soon. Probably more. After that, could be Beeb. It all feels a bit inexorable...am 'going with it' at the moment. If I feel too uncomfortable I will stop that 'it' in it's tracks. Perhaps tempting fate, but...ce sera. Irrespective, I'm happy in my own skin now and in my current profession where I'm genuinely very well regarded and am grateful for that. If it ends like this fair enough. Just having a crack at fulfilling several people's sincere long held till they passed to the other side very, very high expectations of apparently multi 'gifted' me and needing to have a crack at being totally fulfilled in several areas personally. Life's too short now. We shall see. Dunno. Maybe you. Hope you get where you want to go if you haven't already. Believe in the lightning bolt even if there's the possibility of a smell of burning afterwards for a while. So now you know.
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