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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Edited Feb 17, 2017, 06:16
Re: What you watching 2
Feb 17, 2017, 06:05
spencer wrote:
With you totally on grief. Doesn't automatically kick in straight after though. You may have to carry on regardless, do what's needed, required, best, visibly unperturbed. Sometimes you need a subsequent jolt. Have been dealing with a life support machine event of late. That was '99. I'm changing now.

Sorry to hear that, man. And I'm with you on the delayed effect. I guess if shock numbs you to help you cope with physical trauma, the emotional kind lasts much longer, even getting in the way when you WANT to feel something. Then one day it suddenly wears off when you get a nagging longing for something, only to realise it's a someone. It's only then you notice that a part of you has been siphoned away. Nada, gone. Makes you realise how the people in our lives are all the building blocks of our worlds, and sometimes that structure just doesn't hold up when one of those blocks is taken away. I'm a sensitive guy. I wonder how much of me will be left after my next wrassle with Anubis.

Oy, in other news, just finished watching The OA on Netflix (not to be confused with the OC, which is some trifling Baywatchy shite). Likely my favourite homegrown thing I've seen on there. I just love the idea of dancing your way into another dimension- I especially love how much that must have pissed off some of the more grounded viewers. Worth a watch if you fancy some Lynchian escapism. Gotta check some more of this Britt Marling woman's work. She seems to be hung up on innerscapes and otherworlds and, as they were occasionally called in Celtic mythology, 'soft places', which is a pretty good thing to be hung up on. The series also deals with a subject not talked about much anymore, which is "female hysteria", a tag doctors would constantly dole out to any suffering woman for decades and decades, and arguably still do in slightly couched form, rather than actually listen to what they're saying. Looking forward to the next series.
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