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What you watching 2
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Edited Dec 30, 2016, 04:34
Re: What you watching 2
Dec 30, 2016, 04:29
It's Travellers on Netflix now - FINALLY a series that transcends its high concept and brings characterisation into a more dense light. Ok, it's gone a bit stupid now with its "gifts from the future" endless what do we do now,

"but at least it's not Harry bloody Potter!"

ugh, I feel dirty even saying that little wizard brat's name.

Oh. I was about to rail on how cynical marketing exercises make a story not worth breathing but there are forces on this planet that you are best not messing with.

Like that Mark and Lard style David Bowie parody album entitled "SLACK BRAT" that I'm bollocksed if I'm about to take the piss out of death itself

Just end up mocking postgraduates forced to work in chain restaurants over a sustained phrygian drone.

Then throwing up over the audience because you never leave the house.
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