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What you watching 2
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Re: What you watching 2
Oct 09, 2016, 10:08
I've been binge watching through 3 seasons of Last Week Tonight. Found a lot of it pretty funny, others educational and still there's a few irritating quirks.
Hope there aren't a wave of idiots mimicking the worst bits but could see that happening easily. For the banter like.
Is the show being shown on this side of the Atlantic? I came across it through a thread like this elsewhere.

Westworld. I think this has only had its first episode so far. Looks like it could be promising.
Dystopic near future ( I think) series set in a fantasy holiday resort where historical fantasies are acted out with the help of humanoid androids. Some of which are malfunctioning.
It's based on a film from the early 70s that I think was written by Michael Crichton. That had Yul Brynner in as a menacing gunfighter. This has Ed Harris in an as xet non clarified role.

Dystopic comedy about the black expeience in current Georgia.

Luke Cage.
Current retelling of black superhero story. Ties in with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and lesserly the rest of that Marvel Universe. I.e. events happen in the same universe but there's so far less crossover. People refer to 'the event' where The Avengers wreck NYC but the characters don't appear. Whereas Claire Temple has been in all 3 series. She was originally a Luke Cage character and love interest and only substituted for a different character in DD.
Anyway this was great & I immediately wanted more. Not sure when Dr Strange or The Defenders are coming. & is Iron Fist getting a solo show.
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