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What you watching 2
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: What you watching 2
Sep 30, 2016, 21:35
laresident wrote:
Watched "Happyish". I wonder how Philip Seymour Hoffman would have played it. Steve Coogan wasn't bad.
And I must be getting very old to sit through and like "Grace and Frankie". I will put on "Barbarella" and show my daughter the schoolboy's dream Jane Fonda.

Ta for the Grace & Frankie tip. Love the four leads, especially Jane Fonda, who plays the kind of wasp I'd probably instantly dismiss in person, but actually is arguably the most pensive and vulnerable character of the lot of them. Always loved Lily Tomlin since she appeared in all those Altman movies and cut a bunch of great May & Nichols-esque comedy albums in the '70s. Sam Waterson is a bit of a revelation to me. He managed to give the token Suit character in The Newsroom a lot of heart, but I'm not sure I ever noticed him before that. Here he's lovely and open-hearted and sensitive. Martin Sheen is certainly the most elusive of the four of them. I'm sure that's intentional, as he's already starting to show a few chinks in his armour (I just finished the episode about the lost wedding invitation where he thaws a little at the end).

Side-rant: I do think there has been a tendency to cater to the unwittingly misogynistic geek contingent recently, whose scanty experience with women has made for female characters in big movies to often be created, not from their own perspective, but from how they appear in a guy's eyes. It's always lovely to see a venture like Grace & Frankie get made which does away with all of that noise and touches on feelings, complicated relationships and heartache- things which are almost unsellable to a larger audience. Or maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's still sweet to see.
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