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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Mar 08, 2018, 21:59
I have Dot Dash/ Outdoor Miner/ Question of Degree and Map Ref so I would only want to buy about half a box. Do you think the pop group Wire would be interested in splitting up a box for me? Selling me some seperates?

Or are they just into flogging big fat packages of stuff to people who already have a little, some or a lot of their stuff, whether they need it all or not?
And I presume that lifelong, long-term fans of Wire who are completeists and already have everything... well they wont be buying this latest Commemorative Boxset of Singles 1977-1981 in a special cardboard box with a picture on it. Surely not?

Actually I have just checked Discogs for the Wire entry and looked at those singles I dont have - and the ones I do have. My four mint-y Wire 7" puchases (at 10p each) from our local Charidee Shoppe here in the Deep Dark Heart of South Lanarkshire turned out to be rather a bargain. Now I just need to design a special cardboad box to flog them in... I could go into the Repackaging Heritage Vinyl Business...
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