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The Seth Man
The Seth Man
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Mar 07, 2018, 23:28
After a pregnant pause of nine months, I finally heard "Guerilla Grow."

It is fucking loose, weird, careening, evocative, provocative, and is so thoroughly an inspired double dose of psychic vibe search that keeps hooliganising my head -- as well as proper words to describe it at bay.

Also, "Dope On Drugs."
And both of the 12"s. Which I've streamed a dozen times online for the past three days.

I lost power for an hour. Undeterred, I went trudging out in a snow blizzard listening to "Guerilla Grow" on my phone while huge branches cracked off due to wind and heavy snowfall. Or Dope. I'm still figuring THAT out.

Once the power can on, Dope re-started where it left off and the cue was perfect. I can't describe it, you hadda be there, it was more a feeling than anything.

I ordered both 12" EPs yesterday because Dope are my favourite band and I can't wait for the next record. All of them.

Also sounds great loud as hell. Solid.

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