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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 24 February 2018
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 24 February 2018
Feb 25, 2018, 22:03
Blackwater Holylight – s/t. All-female, 70s-tinged doom rock band. Rather good, like a heavy, gothic Smoke Fairies, which I know may make a few people round here prick their ears up… https://blackwaterholylight.bandcamp.com/releases

Mint Field – Pasar De Las Lucres. Another all-female band, or rather duo, two young women from Tijuana, Mexico playing an incredibly accurate approximation of Slowdive, with a bit of The XX and Mogwai chucked in. Also good, though they could have probably lost a couple of tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6ENOMFlTGQ

Retep Folo – Galactic Sounds. Latest on Clay Pipe Music, which is increasingly the new Ghost Box in terms of putting out consistently compelling and interesting records. This is by some Swedish bloke, and composing using just an old drum machine, bass guitar and what sounds like a communist-era organ for kids. Lovely library-ish/music box quality to the songs (which are all around the two minute mark), reminded me of Pram in places (nothing online yet).

Ethan Gold – Bedroom Closet Covers. Hadn’t come across this guy before, has a rep as an ‘alternative’ singer songwriter, but don’t head for the hills yet, as this is actually pretty cool, and what it says on the tin: a collection of cover versions recorded in his bedroom closet. The ghostly version of Talking Heads’ ‘Born Under Punches’ is great, and here’s ‘Bela Lugosi Is Dead’ for acoustic guitar and harmonica… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb3VehRyjUw

Seven That Spells – The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: Omega. After the (excellent) last two in the trilogy, I’m a little disappointed in this if I’m honest, it never kicks off as it should, production seems a bit flat etc. But still has its moments: https://seventhatspells.bandcamp.com/track/out-iii

Dream Machine – Breaking The Circle. Was loving these guys’ debut album from last year, but failed to notice that they’d popped another one out in December as well. This isn’t as strong, but you could drop into it anywhere and find something you like if heavy power pop/prog is your thing… https://dreammachine432.bandcamp.com/album/breaking-the-circle

Battre Lyss - Till Den Sträng Som Brast Än Att Aldrig Spänna En Båge. Reissue of Swedish heavy prog obscurity from the 70s. Surprisingly accomplished and beefy sounding, but the material is variable to say the least. Queen sound to have been a big, if slightly odd, influence… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8tHAiWjCC8

Zorch – Ouroboros. Yes, the UK also had their own cosmic synth outfit in the 70s, but these guys are practically unknown compared to their German brethren, which is a shame, because they’re often just as good on this, their only album (from 1975, but didn’t get a proper release until 2000): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xofr2loE6gc

Roxy Music – s/t. Listened to this while reading the feature on it in this month’s Mojo. Visionary and daft in equal measures, I think For Your Pleasure is still the one for me.

Listen With Father:

The Smiths – Singles. This is not only the only Smiths I own, it’s also just about the only album of its type ie. jangly C86 era student music, in my collection. God, but it’s trebly. Older daughter liked it a lot, hope I haven’t started something (bad pun intended). I was a full-fledged music consumer when they were at their height, but however much I liked ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ and ‘How Soon Is Now’, they just weren’t ‘my’ kind of band, and never would be. And Morrissey’s lyrics were ludicrously, hysterically misogynistic even then.

David Bowie – The Singles Collection. The girls’ choice, which assures me in some small way their upbringing has been a success. Asked them what they thought a couple of songs were about. ‘Space Oddity’: “it’s about somebody who goes into space and never comes back.” ‘Starman’: “it’s about somebody who dreams that they’re dead and the starman comes to take them to heaven.” Pretty valid interpretations I think!

The Vinyl Countdown – C:

Robert Calvert – Hype. This is probably the least known of Calvert’s albums (not that the others are exactly winning any popularity contests), and I confess I hadn’t played it that much myself. I think I’ve always been a bit off put by the whole ‘Songs of Tom Mahler’ thing, inspired by Calvert’s book of the same name (which I recall is a bit ropey). Well, that was stupid of me, because there’s some cracking stuff on this and the new wave minimalist sound (it’s from 1981) works surprisingly well, particularly on this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwsQZOj4zUs (is it just me, or does this sound incredibly like a Luke Haines track??)

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