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Dope on Drugs (Another new Dope album)
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Edited Mar 06, 2018, 10:45
Re: Dope on Drugs (Another new Dope album)
Mar 06, 2018, 09:48
I think it's great - really great.
It's the first Dope release I've bought (missed Guerilla Grow and don't have the facility to play cassettes or vinyl at the moment), but I'm impressed. Probably one of the best or better experimental releases he's put out for some time. In a funny sort of way and taking things all the way back, it kinda sounds like what (in my head) I expected Rite to sound like back in 1992 when it was first mooted, especially Foden.
Leave Yourself Behind is the killer though - it's just so damned mutable - for a 1 chord strum, it takes on many, many bewildering shapes and variations within its misleadingly linear form. I mean, there are so many nuances and twists that it fair keeps one entertained for its 17 minutes. Like the Plastic Ono Band meets Faust meets Amon Duul meets the Syd Barrett of 'Have You Got It Yet'.
The Binding Of Loki reminds me in parts of Destroy Religion and Sqwubbsy The Olmec (off The Jehovahcoat Demos - to which this release is a sort of distant relation).
The only thing that makes me wonder is just how much of a genuine 'band' Dope really are - yes, McGrail is clearly and undeniably there but it kinda sounds to me like about 70% Cope - Foden might well be 100% Cope as it sounds like his keyboard and bass style. I keep returning to that quote in the 2000 Q&A where he states that sometimes he plays everything but doesn't want it to come across that way.
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