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Dope on Drugs (Another new Dope album)
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Re: Dope on Drugs (Another new Dope album)
Feb 09, 2018, 06:33
Yeah I bought it, of course, though I am returning to vinyl in general. I also question the "this is too bassey for vinyl" thing... c'mon, there are loads of insane dub/etc cuts out there that tax speakers yet manage to keep a needle in the groove. Just takes a bit of engineering. It is fine to not want to release something on vinyl, in fact in this day and age it is crazy to do so, but "too much bass" is not the best reasoning for it.

In this case, this is what is likely:

1) CD arrives, look for lyrics, personal message from JC, etc, become disappointed at the lack of such
2) dig up USB CD drive
3) rip it/encode it/etc
4) Give it a good listen
5) realize it is on youtube etc and streaming from home server is not worth the effort
6) question why I bothered with step 1-4
7) sleep well knowing that I gave a few pounds to my fave artist/label/website
8) post about steps 1-7
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