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MacKenzie/ Associates fans
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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MacKenzie/ Associates fans
Jan 25, 2018, 00:25
Steve Aungle who worked with Billy MacKenzie for many years and collaborated on more albums with Billy than anyone... has released a second batch of work/ collaborations with Anth Brown and Tom Doyle. Still holding onto the "White Label" moniker from the "Stolen Voices" Bootleg Remix Project of 2011, their latest clutch of re-imagined tunes is a great companion for Stolen Voices and is called "Borrowed Voices".
"Borrowed Voices" features a tantalising new track from Billy MacKenzie called "Tallahassie Pass" which White Label have produced, re-imagined, remixed and let out into the light for the first time. Currently a free download. Grab it while you can.


Unlike "The Mountains That You Climb" which had circulated as a crackly but passable demo for many years before White Label rammed it through a Dusty Goes To Mowtown Machine on "Stolen Voices" back in 2011, the new track "Tallahassie Pass" is a pretty-much completely unheard MacKenzie track (even in any kinda demo form) and is a very welcome addition to the MacKenzie oeuvre.


The 2011 "Stolen Voices" is to be found here.

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