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Edited Jan 04, 2018, 18:43
Book of Seth Latest Reviews
Jan 04, 2018, 17:17
Just a big heads up for those heads who are missing their monthly dose of Cope's underground reviews, our dearest Seth (who has also been part time casual in the review department as of late) has churned out a few great slabs of sonic prose over the last few years. I would recommend reading them, and listening to the newest selections he has pondered over.

Puta Madre Brothers-Queso Y Cojones IS a wild party album (in the very same manner that Kim Mitchell is definitely NOT a wild party) where dancing is mandatory, and not hooting in response is downright rude. A trio of one-man-bands, like a triple Mexican Bob Log III sundae, these bros are the flavoured toothpick clenched in the teeth of The Man With No Name (which probably tastes like agave and sweat). After playing through this quick LP, I had to immediately replay, as if my workout tape unexpectedly went blank just as my pace ramped up, the party needed to continue. Check it out.

Pyres of the Oregonian. Seth is going to have to divulge the secret password to getting a hold of this one (is it even for sale?), as it is too good to merely read about. As all who are influenced by the best, this also takes its cues from the Sabbath-Sleep spectrum, but avoids the missteps of so many others who simply tried to emulate them. Where many bands just hot-boxed their Sunn cabinets and stayed inside, Ryan Kittrell launched it into space in an effort to catch up with Voyager II. I see he has a new project, Solarnaut which I haven't heard yet but will dive into to see what's what. Check that out here https://solarnaut.bandcamp.com/releases

Vagusnerve is next on my playlist, so I will report back but I already know Seth never steers me off course.

(Edit: Just played Back to the Sirius, and goddamn that was a trip. Even though so many bands play the same tired riffs and changes, thank the Lord there are bands who are reaching for new sounds, new ideas and new horizons. Must repeat this for sure.)

Thanks for keeping us in the know Seth.

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