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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 30 December 2017 CE
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 30 December 2017 CE
Jan 07, 2018, 00:58
Stevo wrote:
garerama wrote:

Rolling Stones - Aftermath / Between The Buttons / Their Satanic Majestic Request

current Mojo hasa feature on Stones around the time of Satanic Majesties

Yep read that last week, nice overview of that period. The free cd is a pleasant listen.

Stevo wrote:
garerama wrote:

Pharoah Sanders - You've Got To Have Freedom: Anthology

This is a handy overview especially if you're djing since it cuts down the long trance tracks to about 10 minutes a piece.
THough having the full length versions is also handy. & now cds have those longer tracks edited together instead of spread over 2 sides of a vinyl disc or maintaining those edits as the first wave of cds did.
I should have picked up Elevation the live set from Honest john's before Xmas still want to get all of that late 60s/early 70s era. & now Impulse is doing 2 fer cds of a lot of that stuff.
Leon Thomas is also worth checking out on his own, hat's the vocalist you hear extreme scatting over the top of the Pharaoh grooves.
Also Sonny Sharrock is on a couple of the Pharaoh titles from the early era and is worth checking out on his own

Yep got quite a few of the Impulse cds with the long edits but quite a lot of omissions as you say. Thanks for tip on Leon Thomas - need to check out some of his stuff - he really goes for it in Creator Has A Master Plan. Will check out some Sonny Sharrock.

Stevo wrote:
garerama wrote:

V/A - 2000 Light Years From Home (Mojo)

yeah another somewhat decent compi from Mojo. They do do a nice psychedelic compi don't they? Or at least late 60s groove.
This has a track from the Bobak, Jones Malone Motherlight lp i was talking about elsewhere. & wished I'd looked up on Spotify before so I knew what i was missing.
I guess it's inclusion in Richard Morton jack's Psychedelia 101 should have been some indication of its worthiness.
CD has some other good stuff too.
Kind of overlaps with the Looking at The Signs in the Sky compilation i got for Xmas which is the 3cd compilaton from the Grapefruit label that covers 1968. Think it keeps up the label's past standard so is worth getting.
Covers a lot of semi known psych stuff from the era including some unreleased stuff.

I OD'ed on psych comp cds a few years back. Was quite lucky that I did not get many duds though. This is a fine cd - quite a lot I hadn't heard (esp like Andromeda and Blonde On Blonde).

Yep these Grapefruit comps can be good. I think this is the one I was looking for a few months back but abandoned when I got a turntable for my birthday and rediscovered vinyl and started to rebuild a collection from scratch... But 3 cds of 1968! For me it is probably one of the richest years musically - a splendid vintage(also my birth year).

Cheers Stevo,

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