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Jehovahkill 25th Anniversary Steven Wilson 5.1 remix
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Fitter Stoke
Fitter Stoke
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Edited Oct 26, 2017, 22:36
Jehovahkill 25th Anniversary Steven Wilson 5.1 remix
Oct 26, 2017, 21:51
Only kidding. Sorry.

But hey, the Drude seems to be one of the few credible established artists left who hasn’t yet surrendered their back catalogue to the antiseptic sound of Steven Wilson. Maybe it’s only a matter of time. After his soulless clean up jobs on ‘Benefit’, ‘Grey & Pink’ and ‘Red’ (amongst countless other already fine records I love) I dread the day I get that pre-release Burning Shed email...

I know there are a lot of Porcupine Tree fans here and I don’t mean to provoke or offend them. But I really wish that Steven Wilson would concentrate on his own (already impressively prolific) output instead. Within his own musical zone, he’s masterful. Let loose on other artists’ stuff, he leaves me cold. Ice cold. Akin to me, in fact, to laminating the Mona Lisa with sticky back plastic. It’s got to the stage that his name actively puts me off buying things I’d otherwise be keen to acquire: the imminent Crimson ‘70 - ‘72 box and Rush’s ‘Farewell To Kings’, for example. And don’t even mention the long awaited XTC remasters to me.

IMHO of course.

Joolio Geordio
Joolio Geordio
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Re: Jehovahkill 25th Anniversary Steven Wilson 5.1 remix
Oct 30, 2017, 00:44
I quite like what he did with Benefit and Minstrel but I consider them to be companion pieces to the original mixes.

BTW 17/12/16 Ouch!;-)
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Re: Jehovahkill 25th Anniversary Steven Wilson 5.1 remix
Nov 04, 2017, 16:10
The only one of his remixes I've heard is the Hawkwind Warrior On The Edge Of Time, which in my opinion sounds either like he's missed the point of Hawkwind altogether or he's just trying to be a clever bugger.
Having heard his solo stuff I suspect the latter, I find Porcupine Tree very clever and as dull as ditchwater, his recent solo album [couldn't tell you what it was titled, had a face with yellow and red splodges on] was equally dull, you get about half way through and think Stephen stop being so FUCKING POLITE, much like post Waters Floyd he has the chops but does he have the soul
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Re: Jehovahkill 25th Anniversary Steven Wilson 5.1 remix
Nov 04, 2017, 16:28
I own a bunch of 5.1 stuff that is a bonus mix to the normal release, but I've never had a surround setup so I can't tell you how I would gauge the remix. The only one I've been interested in hearing is a 5.1 DVD of Residents-Eskimo that I've had for 14 years (which also has a 2 channel mix). Maybe I'll build a home theatre one of these years.
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