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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 27 May 2017 CE
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Edited May 31, 2017, 00:10
Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 27 May 2017 CE
May 31, 2017, 00:09
The Myrrors – Hasta La Victoria. Excellent desert psych meets krautrock vibe here, definitely worth a listen: https://themyrrors.bandcamp.com/album/hasta-la-victoria

Jean-Jacques Perrey – … Et Son Ondioline. Bloke who did various Moog exotica albums in the 60s, but this is a collection of early tracks he played on using the Ondioline, a kind of proto-synth invented in 1939. Inevitably a bit of a curate’s egg, but worth investigating for fans of early electronic music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSrDJcxgC8Y

Amplifier – Trippin’ With Dr Faustus

Acid Arab – Musique D’France

Bushman’s Revenge – Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommeisen

Lo Five – When It’s Time To Let Go

Nik Turner’s Sphynx – Xitintoday. Not sure how I’ve managed to not hear this before now. As a teenage Hawkwind fan in the pre-internet age, it was one of those items spoken of in semi-reverent tones due to its rarity, but it’s really nothing to get excited about. Basically, a load of flute improvisations recorded by Turner in the Great Pyramid of Giza, with additional instrumentation from various Gong people added on afterwards. Oh, and Turner’s faintly ludicrous/annoying sing-speaking from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead. Still, it must have taken some chutzpah to release this in 1978.

VA – Out Of Time. MOJO freebie off the back of an REM cover feature, though as much of the stuff here is post-hardcore as it is college rock. Glad I never wasted any time on the likes of Superchunk and Galaxie 500, but Dinosaur’s debut single remains eternally wonderful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHnPaGFzhTY

Listen With Father:

Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology. I thought I’d try to bring ‘em up to date. For some reason, this was accompanied by much sniggering.

H is for…

Humanfly – Awesome Science. Raved about this at the time (2013), and raving about it now. A brilliant album of proggy post-metal from Leeds band who promptly split on its release. One of those albums that’s difficult to convey just how good it is, so have a listen here instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNN8OhFEJXg&list=PLb3pW8hxca-s_UzYjgI5x9xSDRfGzyzlo


Hawkwind – The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm. The sound was a bit mushy, but you can’t argue with HW at The Roundhouse, particularly when they start their set with ‘Born To Go’. Couple of points though: i) they are desperately in need of a proper frontman, and ii) why have a sax player on stage, but not let him play the essential sax parts in ‘Steppenwolf’ and ‘Magnu’? (actually, I think I know the answer to that question…)
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